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What is Sex Text Chat?

Sex Text Chat is where you usually use your mobile phone to send text chat messages and start up a flirty text chat with someone you fancy. It is also known as Sexting. As well as sending text messages, you can also send selfies, photos and videos to the other person and they can swap some back with you.

Attractive woman having UK sex text chat on her mobile phone.
Attractive woman having sex text chat on her mobile phone

Why have Text Sex Chat?

The benefit of swapping text messages instead of having live phone sex, is that you can really get to know someone and nobody around you will know what you are doing. Where as on adult phone chat, anyone near you will here what you are staying and that can get very awkward, if they hear your flirty, filthy conversation!

If sexting is carried out correctly, it can easily lead to real sex is both people are willing of course.

What Sort Of Women Can I Text?

Well that really depends what type of women you are looking to connect with. There are so many women to choose from. So, if you are looking for someone that is just in college, like a just legal teen babe who likes to text, we have loads of them. Also, on the other end of the spectrum we have loads, and I mean LOADS of flirty grannies and OAPs ready to text with you.

As well as women from 18 to 80+ we also have women into domination, smoking, cybersex, anal, lesbians, and women with massive boobs and so many other types of women.

Can I Text Gay Men Too?

Yes, if you are into gay or bisexual men, then of course you can get sexting with them. Gay sex text chat is becoming very popular in the US and UK. You might want to check out some of the site on the internet.